Wrap Cable Organizer

Wrap Wire Organizer

  • Name: Flexible Wire Manager, 30″ long
  • WMF100
  • SKU 771622

This flexible wire manager is perfect for organizing all your wires and cables.

18 interconnected links, overall length can be customized.

A flexible wrap cable organizer with channels on every link for easy inserting of cables. Can be easily mounted via screw on both ends. 30″ in length with 18 pieces of links.

A well organized cable and wiring systems keeps your office or production areas safe all the time. Cluttered and disorganized wiring and cabling systems are at risk of accidental pulling which is dangerous for both equipments and personnel. This wrap cable organizer eliminates that risk, thus, saving you from the potential liability and property damages that may occur.

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Wrap Cable and Wire Organizer

  • Fixing with screws on top and the bottom
  • Channels on every link for easy inserting the cables
  • 30” long unit with 18 links
  • 32” total length with the mounting brackets at the ends

Wrap Cable Organizer

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