Utility Process Control Room Consoles (sku 772681)


Process control is widely applied across industry and permits
mass production in oil and gas refining, industrial manufacturing, and power generation
while maintaining product quality output consistent with continuously operated
processes. The complex implementation and monitoring of Process Control operations
are conducted by staff members from state-of-the art central control rooms.

We design, manufacture and implement operational control consoles used in industrial process control rooms. We cater to the unique needs of the oil and gas, manufacturing and power generation sector; thus, we have a wide range of product lines that are built for their specific requirements. We have technical furniture for:

Our customer-centered, innovative approach have made us the premier choice for creating solutions that adapt to the highly demanding requirements of process control engineers and staff. Our highly-skilled team of technical designers and engineers will work closely with you to build ergonomically designed command consoles that reduces work stress or fatigue, thereby, increasing each user’s work productivity.

We continue to innovate our products by conforming to the latest international standards and iterating our product development based on our client’s feedback; thus, we encourage the participation of our end-product users in developing state-of-the-art ergonomic technical furniture. We take pride in building command center consoles that maximizes your return on investment; our products are built-to-last, and it provides maximum user comfort.