Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

  • Name: Keyboard Arms 12.2″ Vertical Travel
  • KA3656
  • SKU 771322

A premium high quality adjustable arm keyboard tray that is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort for user’s computer workstation. Its adjustable swing type keyboard arm is easily adjustable to match individual user preference.

Long period of hours working sitting on a computer workstation causes back pains. This adjustable keyboard tray reduces user’s stress by providing ergonomic keyboard settings which makes it more comfortable and convenient for the user to operate his/her computer workstation, thereby, making him more productive while reducing his work stress.

We manufacture top-quality ergonomic furniture equipment that exceeds the standard expectations of practicality and functionality. Our products are guaranteed with a full product warranty. We manufacture products that give our customers peace of mind ensuring they get the highest return on their investment.

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Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

  • Ball bearing track
  • 12.2″ vertical travel
  • You can use this arm to hold 3 different types of keyboard trays:
    TR1000 / TR2000 / TR3000Features
    – Type in greater comfort and free up work space with ergonomic keyboard arms and trays.
    – Use these three steps to choose which keyboard solution works best for you:
    Step 1
    Select the arm you want in a size that will fit your desk.
    Step 2
    Choose a keyboard tray (arms will not accommodate a keyboard without a tray).
    Step 3
    Decide on the optional palm rest which courage better posture and helps reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

adjustable keyboard tray specs

Command and Control Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Tray: Enhance Your Workspace Comfort

Discover the superior comfort and functionality of the Command and Control Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Tray, designed to optimize your computer workstation experience with ergonomic precision. Crafted from premium materials, this tray offers adjustable features that cater to individual user preferences, ensuring a customized fit for enhanced comfort and productivity.

Key Features:

Premium Adjustable Arm Design: The Command and Control Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Tray features a high-quality adjustable arm with a swing-type mechanism. This design allows users to effortlessly adjust the keyboard position according to their ergonomic needs, promoting optimal wrist alignment and reducing strain during prolonged computer use.

Ergonomic Comfort for Long Sessions: Long hours spent at a computer workstation can lead to discomfort and back pain. Our adjustable keyboard tray mitigates these issues by providing ergonomic settings that support natural hand and wrist positions. This promotes a more comfortable working environment, enhancing productivity while minimizing physical strain.

Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency: By fostering a more ergonomic setup, this keyboard tray helps users maintain focus and efficiency throughout the workday. It facilitates seamless interaction with computer peripherals, enabling smoother workflow transitions and reducing distractions.

Durable Construction for Longevity: Built with durability in mind, the Command and Control Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Tray ensures long-lasting performance. Its robust materials and ergonomic design principles combine to offer reliable functionality that stands the test of time.

At Command and Control, we uphold a commitment to exceeding industry standards with our ergonomic furniture solutions. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliability and are backed by a comprehensive warranty for your peace of mind.

Why Choose Command and Control?

  • Ergonomic Excellence: Our adjustable keyboard tray promotes ergonomic best practices, enhancing user comfort and well-being.
  • Warranty Assurance: Enjoy full warranty coverage, ensuring that your investment is protected against manufacturing defects.
  • Expert Consultation: Contact our friendly ergonomic furniture specialists for personalized guidance. We provide complimentary consultations to help you choose the right ergonomic solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Transform your workspace with the Command and Control Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Tray and experience unparalleled comfort and efficiency. Invest in ergonomic excellence and elevate your work experience today.