Ergonomic Keyboard Arm and Tray

Articulating Keyboard Arm with Tray

  • Name: Wall Mounted Keyboard Tray on Z-arms
  • WM-TR-MZ
  • SKU 771914

A premium best quality ergonomic keyboard tray that features an articulating arm wall mount connector, folding tray, and a smooth sliding mouse tray; with an anti-rust coating applied for longer use.

This ergonomic keyboard arm with tray helps with providing a comfortable computer user interaction device where desks are not suitable in places like the medical and industrial work areas. Its articulating swivel arms enable convenient reach settings that adjust to the user’s preferred location.

Fully adjustable, foldable and tilt capable, wall-mounted rotating keyboard arm with tray. A truly flexible addition to your work area for optimum convenience.

It includes a sliding mouse tray for left and right-hand users and can be folded up neatly when not in use.

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Articulating Keyboard Arm

  • Unit is typically used with AFC wall mounting track to create a fully height adjustable work station
  • Ideal for use in small or constrained areas
  • Unit can mount directly to wall for fixed height locations
  • Keyboard tray can fold up to within 5 inches of the wall when not in use
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771914 heavy duty wall mounted keyboard arm 2