Wall Mounted Computer Workstation with CPU Holder

Wall Mounted Computer Workstation Equipped with CPU Holder

  • Name: Wall Mounted Workstation
  • SKU 771803-cc

This premium wall mounted computer workstation cabinet that houses a complete computer system. It is equipped with CPU storage, flatscreen monitor display mount, folding computer keyboard and mouse tray, see-through plexiglass monitor display window, and lockable doors to safely keep the computer from unauthorized use.

The equipment eliminates the need for large computer desk or tables that occupy floor spaces–this computer cabinet don’t occupy floor space which is very ideal for busy floor work areas in medical hospitals, industrial plants, and warehouses, etc.

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Universal Computer Station Wall Mounted

  • Unit dimensions are 16” Wide x 26.5” High x 6” Deep
  • Slide-in monitor plate is VESA 75/100 compliant, and easily fits into place with the secured base unit
  • Plexiglas window protects monitors and can be removable for access to touch-screen technology
  • CPU mounts inside the cabinet for added security
  • Gas springs provide smooth easy movements
  • Space provide for keyboard, mouse and power strips

Command and Control proudly introduces the premium Wall Mounted Computer Workstation with CPU Holder, meticulously engineered to optimize workspace efficiency while prioritizing security and accessibility. This innovative workstation cabinet is tailored for environments demanding swift access to computer tasks without compromising floor space, making it an ideal solution for medical hospitals, industrial plants, warehouses, and other bustling work environments.

The Wall Mounted Computer Workstation is designed to house a complete computer system within its sleek and compact structure. It features dedicated storage for the CPU, ensuring efficient organization of essential components. Equipped with a robust flatscreen monitor display mount, the workstation facilitates ergonomic viewing angles for enhanced comfort and productivity. A folding keyboard and mouse tray further enhance usability, promoting seamless workflow management.

Enhanced visibility and protection are ensured with a see-through plexiglass monitor display window, offering clear monitoring while safeguarding the equipment. Lockable doors provide an added layer of security, preventing unauthorized access and protecting sensitive data in high-security settings.

By eliminating the need for bulky computer desks or tables, the Wall Mounted Computer Workstation optimizes floor space utilization, making it particularly advantageous for environments with limited room for maneuverability. Its wall-mounted design not only conserves space but also enhances operational efficiency by keeping essential computing tools within easy reach.

At Command and Control, we are committed to manufacturing furniture equipment of the highest quality, exceeding industry standards in practicality, functionality, and durability. Each product is backed by a comprehensive warranty, ensuring reliability and longevity to maximize our customers’ return on investment.

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