Dual Tier Ergonomic 911 Console

911 Dispatch Console

  • Name: Dual Tier
  • DT7236
  • SKU 771662-gl

A wide ergonomic 991 dispatch desk console with two height-adjustable desktop surfaces that can be adjusted through an electronic control button–both desktop surfaces are fitted with edge moldings with a laminated finish. It has a bottom shelf board for safely holding the computer CPU, and it sits on top of heavy-duty furniture gliders for easy moving on floors.

This 911 desk console helps maintain operator working comfort and energy during their long hours of work which requires high-levels of attention. It’s ergonomically designed to adapt to user’s comfortable settings as it can be easily adjusted for sitting or standing working positions which helps operators maintain good physical health by allowing them to move freely thereby improving their blood flow to counter the negative effects of sedentary sitting which leads to poor health.

We manufacture top-quality ergonomic furniture equipment that exceeds the standard expectations of practicality and functionality. Our products are guaranteed with a full product warranty. We manufacture products that give our customers peace of mind ensuring they get the highest return on their investment.

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911 Desk Console

  • Two standard shaped work surfaces are independently, electronically height adjustable, 28” to 47” from the floor
  • Both surfaces are finished with Bumper Molding
  • 66” of Track is pole mounted to the rear desk
  • Three z-arm monitor mounts are left/right adjustable as they slide along the track to the setting you want
  • Additional z-arm monitor mounts are available for purchase
  • One 16” deep bottom shelf, with a center cut out for the metal foot rest
  • Four, 4” casters, (the front two are locking)

Optimize Your Workspace with Command and Control’s Dual Tier Ergonomic 911 Console

Elevate your dispatch center with Command and Control‘s Dual Tier Ergonomic 911 Console. This spacious and ergonomic desk is specifically designed for 911 dispatch centers, featuring two independently height-adjustable desktop surfaces. Adjustments are effortlessly made through an electronic control button, allowing each surface to be set to your preferred height. Both desktops are finished with edge moldings and a sleek laminate, ensuring durability and a professional appearance.

The desk includes a bottom shelf board for secure placement of computer CPUs and sits on heavy-duty furniture gliders for easy mobility. This thoughtful design ensures your workspace remains flexible and adaptable, meeting the dynamic demands of a 911 dispatch environment.

The Dual Tier Ergonomic 911 Console is designed to maintain operator comfort and energy during long shifts that require high levels of attention. Its ergonomic design allows users to switch between sitting and standing positions easily, promoting good physical health by enabling free movement. This flexibility helps improve blood flow, counteracting the negative effects of prolonged sitting and reducing the risk of health issues.

Command and Control is dedicated to manufacturing top-quality ergonomic furniture that exceeds industry standards for practicality, functionality, and durability. Our products come with a full warranty, providing our customers with peace of mind and ensuring the highest return on their investment.

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