Computer Server Rack

IT Network Rack

  • Name: Smart Rack
  • SKU 772266

This computer server rack is space-saving technical furniture that accommodates a variety of computer networking equipment. It comes with a display monitor holder stand, a keyboard and mouse tray and a telephone holder for quick telephone access.

This server room IT computer network rack is a very comfortable workstation. It has an overhead tray that is added to provide additional space and it comes with floor glides for easy moving on floors. This technical furniture can maximize the working spaces of network administration rooms.

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IT Network Computer Workbench

  • 30″ wide frame
  • Metal top shelf
  • Rack-mount brackets 7″H x 4″D
  • Z-series monitor arm # AFCZ588-01
  • Adjustable phone arm # TA001
  • Standard work surface shape
  • Retractable keyboard arm # KA6000
  • Keyboard tray # TR2000 with sliding mouse tray
  • 2″ twin casters (the front are locking)