Two Monitor Video Wall Mount

Flat Screen Computer Monitor Wall Mount

  • Name: Two Display Video Wall Mount
  • SKU 772506
This two computer monitor wall mount offers greater flexibility for holding two monitor displays in command centers. It allows positioning adjustments of monitor displays. It's quick and easy to adjust because of its swivel operated Z-arms.
This technical furniture is a very useful device for holding monitor displays vertically in control rooms as well as in hallways, waiting rooms, lobbys, airports, bus and train stations, and fastfood chains. This Flat Screen Computer Monitor Wall Mount  is ideal for in-door display advertising in malls and in other high human traffic areas.
This LCD Monitor Wall Mount is made with strong high-grade materials that guarantees reliability and durability for lifetime use. This vertical monitor wall mount is quick and easy to setup and can be installed on any flat wall surfaces, which also makes it easy to scale.
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Two LCD Monitor Video Wall Mount