Command Center Network Server Computer Rack

Command Room Multi-Tray Server Computer Rack

  • Name: Large Modular Computer Storage Rack
  • SR783083
  • SKU 772345

This Network Server Computer Rack is a multi-functional workstation that is essential to every command center operator's job. Having all the computer network monitoring and control devices in one place helps control room operators do their tasks more efficiently.

This Server Computer Rack will hold multiple computer network devices that your IT administrators need. This technical furniture can hold multiple network switches and CPUs as well as other devices essential to network administrators. Wheels are also mounted for added convenience.

Enable your control center operators become more productive with this Server Computer Rack.

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Control Center Server Computer Rack with Metal Shelves

  • Two 24" wide and one 30" wide frames
  • One metal tilt shelf
  • 11 metal shelves
  • Three standard work surfaces
  • Three bottom shelves
  • 2" twin casters (the front two are locking)

PDF      SR783083 .pdf
Width: 78"
Depth: 30"
Height: 83"