LAN Computer Server Rack

Dual User LAN Server Computer Rack

  • Name: Dual IT LAN Rack System Station
  • SR(30+30)3083_T_S_4Sh_2FZ_2RSh_01
  • SKU 772341

This LAN computer server rack helps seemless work collaboration between your IT personnels that will reduce the time spent maintaining and managing your computer networks. Faster collaboration results to quick restoration of systems in times of failure.This dual-user computer server rack will enable your control room or command center operators to collaborate more efficiently. Two server administrators can work side-by-side on this technical furniture.

It can hold multiple devices such CPUs, monitors, printers and other computer network devices. This ergonomic LAN computer server rack has built-in wheels for easy mobility.


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Computer LAN Server Rack with Two Metal Shelves

  • Two 30" wide frames
  • Two metal shelves
  • Two metal tilt shelves
  • Two standard work surfaces
  • Two clamp-mount Z-series monitor arms # AFCZ588-01
  • Two rolling shelves
  • 2" twin casters (the front are locking)

PDF      772341_SR603083_T_S_4Sh_2FZ_2RSh_01.pdf
Width: 60"
Depth: 30"
Height: 83"