Four Monitor Technical Furniture

Four Monitor Display Technical Furniture

  • Name: B-Line Security Console Central Station Desk
  • SKU 772547-gl

This ergonomic Four Monitor Technical Furniture is great for security personnel and dispatch operators that require viewing of four monitors on their dispatch workstation. This technical furniture solution will help them cover major areas of your facility in one integrated console.

It's a control room console that is equipped with four adjustable display monitor arms to give users the right monitor display viewing angles, enabling them to see videos in great detail. It has a wide-space desktop to provide more comfort to users. With ergonomic design, this four monitor technical furniture can reduce user's work stress and it makes them more alert and productive during work hours. 

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Four Flat Screen Monitor Technical Furniture

  • Security  B-line console central station
  • Four extendable monitor arm
  • Three desk mounted monitor screen rack
  • Under desk cabinets for extra storage
  • Perfect for security monitoring work areas

PDF      772547_BL_14436_02.pdf
Width: 72"
Depth: 36"
Height: 38"

Four Monitor Control Technical Furniture



Highly Scalable Four Monitor Technical Furniture