Clamp Desk Lamp Stand

Modern Desk Lamp Stand

  • Name: Ambi-Task Light
  • AMBL001
  • SKU 771617

A dual light clamp desk lamp stand that provides desk and room lighting. With elegant design yet sturdy, it attaches easily to desktops with strong clamp grip. It's a perfect companion for users that want ambient lighting on their workstations.

The goose neck desk light can be set up to 32" above the desk surface and can be positioned at any angle thereby ideal for focusing light into reading materials. Each of the two lights is equipped with halogen lamp bulbs and can be controlled with individual dimmer switches.

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Best Desk Lamp

  • The gooseneck task light can be adjusted up to 32” high from the work surface. It can be positioned at any angle, so as not to affect the monitor viewing, while providing convenient focused reading light.
  • Both lights are equipped with halogen lamps that can be controlled with independent dimmer switches for total operator control of workstation lighting.
  • The AmbiTask Combo Light is easily mounted to the desk surface with a sturdy screw on clamp.