Multi Monitor Control Room Furniture

Multi Monitor Display Control Room Furniture

  • Name: Control Pod Console
  • SKU 772316

As modern technology advances, at AFC we try and stay abreast of the newest devices and solutions. This includes the efficient use of larger, lighter and more energy efficient hi-resolution monitors, cutting down on the overall weight and providing a clear optical solution for your needs. Adaptable for every industry and environment. Please ask one of our sales staff about the options available for a one-screen-solution.

This ergonomic Multi Monitor Control Room Furniture has three display monitor track mounts which are capable of mounting several flat-screen LCD displays of different sizes; an Ideal solution for security monitoring control rooms and public safety command centers. 

This Multi Monitor Control Room Furniture is a reliable equipment to help control room operators and security monitoring personnel to quickly respond to emergencies when it happens by being able to see multiple locations via several high-resolution monitor displays. 

This technical furniture is built with high-strength materials to that guarantees lifetime use. Durable enough to hold several display monitors of various sizes. It's designed to provide perfect viewing angle of on LCD, LED and Plasma monitors.

This Multi Monitor Control Room Furniture has spacious desktop and two multi-drawer cabinets to provide safe storage. It has a modular design that is easy to setup and scale in large control rooms and command centers.

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Multi Flat Screen Monitor Control Room Furniture

  • Monitor platform with manually height adjustable monitor rail system for different size monitors*
  • Z arm mounts, in two rows on the left and right ends, can be adjusted to set optimum focal lengths
  • All mounts can slide along rail system for additional positioning
  • Two three-drawer pedestals front facing
  • Two rear access cabinets and three rear shelves are ideal for CPU storage
  • Glides


*Monitor holder bracket might vary based on size/weight/model

PDF      772316_CONTROL POD_156-07.PDF
Width: 12' 6"
Depth: 54"
Height: 85"

Multi Display Control Room Furniture



Multi Flat Screen Display Control Room Furniture